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Personalised binaural and sub-audible sound coaching



I am Michele, a classically trained musician, composer, teacher and practitioner of binaural and sub-audible sound treatment.

From an early age I realised that I had a very special relationship with sound, vibration and music. Learning to play the piano at an early age was the start of my journey into the immersive world of music and my inner consciousness. Although I had no idea of the concept back then, I felt an immense connection to music and sound and it became a lifelong learning companion.

I began working in sound and music production professionally from my early 20s and it came as no surprise that later in life my interest in sound therapy would emerge at a time when I was experiencing some deeply emotional life changes. 

During this time, my interest in sound and vibrational treatment peaked and led me to new depths of study and practice. The realisation that it wasn't just a modern 'fad' but in fact an ancient (and largely forgotten) practice used by many civilisations for generations, opened my mind to its great possibilities. From here I explored different mediums of sound which ultimately led me to the methodology of binaural beats and sub-audible sound treatment. This is a collaboration of ancient knowledge together with modern technologies.

With the increasing rise of mindfulness, self awareness and better understanding of our conscious minds, we are starting to appreciate the power of treatments that reconnect us with our 'true' selves and help us to realise our greatest potential in life.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you with what I have learned and put into practice personally and professionally. I'm here to help so do get in touch with any questions you may have.

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Binaural Beats


There's a lot of information about binaural beats and vibrational therapy out there so I'd like to share my perspective and what it is that I provide as a binaural treatment coach. So, for me binaural and sub-audible treatment is the combination of the ancient practice of using sound and vibration together to create a receptive brain state, a state that is susceptible to the subconscious learning of new beliefs through sub-audible statements. Together, this leads to positive changes decided by yourself.


What are binaural beats?


Simply put, a binaural beat is a sound that you listen to with headphones. Listening to one specific frequency in one ear and a different frequency in the other ear creates a two-tone effect in the midbrain which is heard as one pulsing tone. The difference in frequency of the tones is what determines the type of binaural beat and this entrainment of the brain leads to a variety of positive outcomes depending on the frequencies used. Brainwave entrainment is what causes your brainwave frequencies to fall into step with a specific frequency. It's based on the concept that the human brain has a tendency to change its dominant frequency towards the frequency of a dominant external stimulus such as the binaural beats. The brain states, starting from the low frequencies are Delta, Alpha, Theta, Beta and Gamma and they range from 2hz to 75hz. We regularly experience these brain states during sleep, meditation, relaxed, alert and focussed times. Binaural beats help gain access to the subconscious brain states that facilitate change and learning. 


What are sub-audible statements?


Sub-audible statements (subliminals) are positive self-affirming statements that are pitched outside of your natural hearing range and are used to communicate to the subconscious, the things that are required to bring about new beneficial beliefs in yourself. The sub-audible statements are mixed into the binaural beats to create the perfect brain state scenario for your subconscious brain to receive, record and learn. This direct route to your core self allows for the positive changes to your physical and emotional self.

It is well documented that it is our subconscious brain that controls 95% of our thoughts, actions and emotions and it is these things that ultimately translate to the outcomes of our lives. The sub-audible statements are a way of rewriting new subconscious beliefs about yourself which help create the desired changes in your life.


Together, the binaural beats and sub-audible statements act like a power house for physical and emotional realignment providing long lasting effects with no negative side effects. There are many binaural and sub-audible tracks available online but I would only listen to those from trusted sources so that you know exactly what is in their sub-audible statements for obvious reasons!

I conduct myself personally and professionally with integrity, honesty and transparency. For these reasons, I am happy to provide an audible and text version of your sub-audible statements in order to be 100% transparent regarding what is being sent to your subconscious. I am also ethically obliged to only include positive impacting statements that will benefit your well-being and bring about healthy and positive outcomes. 

Does our choice of words matter in sub-audible statements?


In a nutshell YES! Explained here by Sherry Anshara from an extract of her paper 'Wordology is Your Biology' - An understanding of the power of our chosen words.

"Your words are the molecules of your frequency and vibration.

Your words are your sounds of consciousness and your words emit the molecules of

your energy and consciousness into the physical reality that you create from within you.

There is nothing outside of you that you do not create from within yourself"-

The Power of Words - Sherry Anshara 2011 



Words carry so much power, they create our identities, shape our feelings and emotions, communicate our thoughts and desires and even manipulate us. Words therefore should always be chosen wisely (easier said than done, I know) especially regarding how you speak about yourself, how you identify yourself and how you speak to others. Sub-audible statements are carefully thought out to make sure that the unconscious brain receives the best choice of words for a positive outcome. For example, for someone who is trying to stop smoking, the statements would not include words that mention smoking or cigarettes because repeating these words to the unconscious brain can reinforce the identity of these things within the person. Instead the statements would be more focussed on how they enjoy the feeling of having clear lungs when they breathe or how nice it feels being able to taste subtle flavours in their food again etc 


There's a fascinating video that demonstrates the impact of sound on water by Dr. Masaru Emoto - How words effect water molecules.

Power of Words

All things at the atomic and sub atomic level are pulsing and vibrating with their own specific frequency, and that includes every cell and molecule in the human body. - Melissa Wells at Evolve

Healing with sound

Sound and vibration are one of the oldest and most powerful methods of healing known to man. Early examples of this were the ancient Egyptians who transmitted vibrational healing to their patients by singing resonant vowel sounds. These vowels were considered to be so sacred that they were banned from their written language of hieroglyphics. The sistrum rattle was an instrument present during healing rituals for its ultra high frequencies associated with stimulating the higher consciousness. 


It has also been theorised that the pyramids themselves were created as temples for sound healing given their energetic locations and the specific frequencies measured within their inner chambers. Dr. Abd’ el Hakim Awyan stated that the large granite sarcophagi found in the pyramids were actually conductive beds to lie on and absorb the sound vibrations resonating throughout the chambers.  


“Every chamber within the pyramid has a specific harmonic replicating the harmonics of the cavities

of the human body. Sound healing techniques were then used to restore the patient’s body to the

correct harmonics.” - Dr. Abd’ el Hakim Awyan


It should also be noted that Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, the underground megalithic complex found in Malta in the early 1900s also shares a significant connection to frequency. In all of its chambers, the frequency of 111Hz can be found, a frequency dubbed as the 'holy frequency'.  This frequency was also key to Pythagoras when we consider the creation of the scale and harmonies.


The ancient Australian 'yidaki' or dijereedoo is the world's oldest wind instrument used for healing and as a method of vibrational brain entrainment. Tibetan monks use their voices in rhythmic chanting and singing bowls to create vibrational sound beds for deep meditative brain states. Nikola Tesla's ground-breaking work and understanding of vibrational energy led to his oscillator and vibrating platform used for medicinal purposes.



So why does sound and vibrational energy have such an impact on our health? 


Our bodies are made of up to 70% water. Water is highly conductive for sound which makes our bodies receptive to this form of energy. Our bodies have a constant flow of energy whether that is thermal energy to maintain our body temperature, mechanical energy for movement or electrical energy which sends nerve impulses to and from our brain. It is the latter form of energy that is vital for our physical and emotional health and where binaural and subliminal therapy can gain direct access to restore a healthy equilibrium. When parts of the body are not healthy it creates a vibrational dissonance much like an instrument with an untuned string but it can be restored using sympathetic vibrations to bring it back into tuned resonance. 

Vibrational medicine is an attempt to use vibrations to put a body’s frequency back

into an optimal place to reconstruct the “harmonious relationship” of “molecules

working together.” - Dr. Peter Guy Manners 


By listening to binaural beats at the necessary frequency for your specific needs, you will be able to access different brain states and realign and retune your vibrational frequency to that of a healthy resonating individual. As mentioned above, this is called brain entrainment, an observation discovered by a Dutch scientist Christian Huyens  who amongst many other things, invented the pendulum clock. He noticed that pendulum clocks hanging together on a wall would always synchronise and swing at the same speed and concluded that this was because it takes less energy for the two objects to swing in time together due to the weaker vibration being pulled into the more powerful energy of the other pendulum and thus creating an alignment of energies. 

How I can help


Re-defining the way you speak to yourself is the key to what you believe you can be, do or have in life.

These are some of the MIND areas I can help you to improve;


Self belief - willpower - positivity - decisiveness - self confidence - self control - clarity of thought - discipline - focus - mental agility - resilience - insight - motivation -  habits - 

intuitive voice  - identity - boundaries - ego -self expression - goals -

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When our bodies are unwell or vibrationally slow we experience physical symptoms. This is inevitable for most people during their lives, but we can drastically help our healing and recovery by realigning our vibrational and energetic flow.

These are some of the BODY areas I can help your recovery from;

Injury,  illness, sports training, stress, weak immune system, chronic conditions,  low physical endurance.

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Recognise and observe your feelings, emotions and actions. Understand how these are directly related to your current vibrational state and how you can improve each of them by applying binaural and sub-audible treatment. 

I can help with EMOTIONAL areas such as; balanced emotions - expressiveness - controlled responses - self awareness - inner peace - happiness - 

acceptance - centered - grounded  - positivity -

We are all complex creatures and often we don't know exactly what we need to change in order to evolve to our fullest potential. This is why our self-talk is so important to connect our feelings to our logical worlds and in doing so, create a clear pathway forwards. 

Personalised binaural beats and sub-audible sound treatment is created individually to reflect your unique profile using specific frequencies and statements that apply to your needs and desired outcomes. 

I am happy to answer any questions you may have and I look forward to helping you!

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