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Energy goes where energy flows

A client came to me struggling with a sudden onset of low energy, headaches and confusion which worried her because her normal state of health was that of an energetic, young healthy woman.  There had been no changes to her diet, exercise regime and sleep patterns and her blood analysis was A- OK. We spoke about her relationship with her partner which was also fine, so in drawing a blank, I asked her to think about anything, however insignificant that causes any physical tension or an uncomfortable feeling within her body. After a moment, she told me that she'd joined a fitness chat group with the intention of helping to motivate others and find like minded connections but instead of feeling motivated, she felt like she was being drawn into interactions that brought out feelings of inadequacy and competitiveness which would make her start questioning herself and caused her to feel tense afterwards. 


My client had just self-diagnosed the trigger without realising what the culprit was, so I began explaining the basics of energy transference. This is what we discussed;

Our bodies carry many forms of energy, our heart produces electromagnetic fields, our thoughts, emotions and words all carry and transfer our energy to those far away as well as those that are physically near to us. Any form of communication with another person creates an energetic connection that we can't see, but we can feel. We've all experienced walking into a room that's full of heavy energy and quickly wanted to get some air which, is you essentially picking up on the denser energies around you. Some of us are more sensitive to picking up on energy fields and therefore have to be more careful not to absorb the denser energy around them and not allow your lighter buoyant energy to be depleted during all interactions with people. At first she struggled with the concept of her energy being drained without physically being in the same room as the people she was chatting to, so I explained how our energy can be drawn out of us through emotional triggers. By this I mean, if a person gets an emotional response from you (good or bad) this is an energetic transference of your energy with or without your permission. The more they provoke or entice you into interacting with them, the more energy you are transferring to them. Even after you leave an interaction, if your mind starts replaying the conversation and overthinking it, you'll continue to transfer your energy through the emotions that you're experiencing. Our bodies are the best indicators of our current energetic state so when we're feeling depleted, uncomfortable and tense after an interaction with someone, we need to take note and take action. Most people are not even aware of their energy draining effect and don't do it maliciously but there are also those that do. Beware of the energy vampires folks, they're real and always looking for their next meal. Nothing is tastier than the energy of someone who's offering their well intentioned high vibrational support!

I asked my client why she hadn't wanted to leave the group if it wasn't giving her a good feeling and she explained that she felt the need to try to win them over and gain their respect whilst also confessing to enjoying the occasional positive response that the group gave her. After I explained the concept of bread crumbing and how people with 'giving' personality types such as her own can be seen as easy prey in situations like this, she decided that she would put her attention in places where positive energy transference was more abundant and reciprocative. 

Having left the group and started listening to a personalised binaural track that focuses on the energetic centres in the body that govern self-worth, self confidence and clarity of thoughts, I am happy to report that all of her symptoms have completely cleared up and she's currently celebrating the return of her energy by training for a marathon. 

If you are experiencing any unusual physical symptoms that have been checked out medically without resolution, please feel free to get in touch and I'll let you know my process of how I can help you. 

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