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Quitting is for winners!

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Let us all rejoice in the power of quitting - when quitting means leaving behind bad habits, failing relationships, addictions and other unhealthy lifestyle behaviours, that is.

It's hard, we've all been there at some point whether it was too much drinking, smoking, working or staying too long in a situation out of habit. The trap of any habit, crutch or addiction always comes from our own mind and thoughts. As much as we try to blame our actions (or non action) on others, situations or feelings, the only person who ultimately controls you, is you. But please don't feel bad and reach for another cigarette, instead know there's help to getting any habit or addiction under control.

The first thing to know is that anything you need to quit is achievable once you get your thoughts and beliefs in check. By this I mean that you start to pay attention to your thought patterns and notice how you talk to yourself. When you allow negative thoughts to play on repeat without realising what's going on, you're allowing yourself to be swept along down a mental cycle of doom. No-one does this on purpose of course, and most people don't realise that they have a choice in what they think about. With a bit of conscious effort and practice you can start to recognise these negative thought cycles and instead of letting them build in momentum, you can actively chose to stop and think about something else that breaks the cycle. Think about something, anything that takes your mind to a happier place...

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Those who meditate have an easier time of allowing thoughts to come and go but for those that find their thoughts too over powering, there is another solution.

Cue the product placement.....

Binaural brain entrainment is a very effective, safe and fast way to quit any bad habit because it works directly with your subconscious and creates healthier thought patterns and beliefs to kick out the old life-limiting ones. The frequencies are tailored to the individual and their addictions for example, we use frequencies between 7.5Hz - 8Hz which are the optimal frequencies for breaking addictive behaviours. When this is teamed with the sub-audible statements that create the healthier thought patterns, you have the ideal combination to successfully kick whatever it is you want to be free from. Within just 3 weeks you will see noticeable positive changes to your thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Quitting has never been easier!

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