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Umm, err, mmm

Discovery of the week!

So, some of us have a bitchy resting face whilst others have a vocal equivalent...

The tone or frequency of our conscious speaking voice is greatly influenced by the topic and the emotion of what we are talking about, but the speech fillers - that's the um's, err's, mm's etc are sounds created subconsciously and therefore offer a more in-depth and honest reflection of the speaker.

Whilst listening to several interviews this week, I noticed that the majority of people make subconscious filler sounds during speech that centre around a single frequency. This sparked my interest as I've always felt that certain people's voices either really appeal or really repel me without fully understanding why. So, I decided to isolate the fillers from a speaker's voice that appealed to me and to my surprise (not that much of a surprise ) the frequency of this person's filler's was pretty special, at 184.5Hz. This is a lower octave of 369Hz a well documented frequency that has numerous positive and healing qualities associated with it, not to mention Nikola Tesla who was a pretty big advocate of the number!

This revelation inspired me as our voices carry so much energy and it clearly impacts how we are perceived by others at the subconscious level. To further my study, I then isolated the speech fillers from voice recordings of myself and my closest friends and each of them also shared the connection of being one of the many healing frequencies - 369Hz, 384Hz, 216Hz, 197Hz, 224Hz (lower octave of 448Hz) a real eye/ear opener!

Our voices are instruments after all and It seems that some are more highly tuned to certain positive frequencies than others. This is probably why some voices are more appealing than others, on both a conscious and subconscious level.

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